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Friday, February 24, 2006

11:22AM - Unbound Books is now on hiatus....

feel free to check out http://www.UnboundBooks.org

we have taken the site completely down and put up a message about being on hiatus. unbound is not going to stay down forever like many distros. we do plan to open again before new years' 2007. we just needed to get on top of things.

those who have orders currently. don't fret you will recieved them or your refunds some time next week. also, folks that have things on consignment with us, we are also working to pay everyone back. that is a big reason we're on hiatus. since we didn't have access to updating the site or taking it down to stop people from ordering when we were out of stock, we have gotten severely in debt from the project and did not want it to get any worse.

hugs and revolution,
Unbound Books

Monday, December 19, 2005

7:53PM - Please wait on ordering this week...

Hey, All,

Due to serious viruses wiping out two of our computers (including the one we use to upload things for the unbound website) we cannot update the website but we are completely out of a lot of the stock currently listed. We will still try to fill your orders and should you order something that is out of stock you will recieve a refund in the mail. But to help avoid confusion please wait on making any orders through the mail or paypal until we've had the chance to update the site.

Unbound Books

7:47PM - Order Tracking Update...Orders Sent TODAY, 12/19/05

ALL RECIEVED ORDERS HAVE BEEN SENT TODAY. If you are not listed and have not recieved an order from us please leave a comment, you do not need a livejournal to comment. All orders were bumped up to priority mail (due to our lateness from computer problems) except for Jeff's order from Chicago since that order was made within the last 7 days.

Sent orders:

Heidi's order from Toluca Lake, CA
Sarah's order from Long Beach, CA
Christina's order from Orangevale, CA
Lori's order from Chappaqua, NY
Andrew's order from Santa Clara, CA
Consuelo's order from Edinburgh, TX
Edwin's order from DeKalb, IL
Bradley's order from Arlington, TX
Emily's order from Grinnell, IA
David's order from Chicago, IL ---was sent over a week ago, but never listed here before as being sent
Jeff's order from Chicago, IL - sent media mail...still should be recieved by Friday

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

9:09AM - All orders....

All orders from July 1st - through today, August 9th [except for orders paid with eChecks that are not cleared yet] are going to be sent out throughout today and tomorrow. eCheck orders will be sent out the day after they are cleared.

*Orders that were made in July will be sent out 2-3 day priority mail (extra cost paid by us), to make up for our lateness.

*Orders made in August will be sent either Priority 2-3 days or media mail (1-2 weeks) depending upon the shipping costs paid for the order through paypal or mail order.

*Mail Order: Please , please, remember to send enough money to cover the shipping and not just the order itself. Thanks.

*International Orders through Paypal: Please do not make any international orders (outside the U.S., Mexico, and Canada) through Paypal until hearing from us via email about the shipping rates to add to your order.

The order we have currently for the Netherlands will be going out today or tomorrow cheapest rate possible. Which means it will be recieved in about 3 weeks or so, the extra postage cost past what was paid will be paid by us this first time in order to prevent delays. But in the future please check with us on your shipping rate.

We are working on developing a system for sending out orders that is more efficent than the ways things are currently done. Possibly involved 2 days a month that are definite days when all orders are sent and have it posted on the site which days those are so that everyone has an idea of when they will recieving their orders. This blog and the website will let you know what we come up with.

Take care. Cuidate.
Hugs and Revolution,
unbound books collective member

Monday, July 4, 2005


The new Unbound Books PO BOX is:

Unbound Books
PO BOX 08428
Chicago, IL 60608

...we have a couple of months lapse on the previous po box 146672, chicago, IL 60614 - so if you have already sent something there, don't worry, but for all future mail orders or submissions or love letters, please send them to the new PO BOX.

much love,
Unbound Books Collective

Monday, April 25, 2005

12:10PM - Being sent today!!!

Public Storage Payment
Laura Garcia's order from Norcross, GA
Jean Fredette's order from Cicero, IL
Jennifer Smith's order from Chicago, IL

We're making copies of out of stock zines over the next couple days, as well as getting more Vegan Patches from the screenprinter who made them. So if your order isn't listed here than it will be sent out over this week as we get the stock back in.

Unbound Books

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

9:51AM - Orders, Payments, Website...

Orders Sent Yesterday, 3/29/05:

Thomas Boettner's order from Rockhill, SC sent priority (2-3 days)
Ismahan Sadiq's order sent media mail (1 week or so)
Alana C. Rios's order from Bennington, VT sent first class (1-4days)
Crystal Hwang's order from Irvine, CA sent priority mail (2-3days)
Amber Charlton's order from Elkton, MD sent first class (1-4days)
John Oliver's order from Minneapolis, MN sent first class (1-4 days)
Melissa Cortez's mail order from San Juan, TX sent first class (1-4days)

Jessica Anderson's refund sent regular mail, sorry we were all out of your order (1-2days)

Public Storage for March paid

Being prepared today:
Trade for People's Potato Collective
Payment to Media Whore
Payment to Just Seeds Distro
Payment to Sugartruck Records
Sheila O'Hare's order (copies being made)
Jennifer Smith's order (copies being made)

New Index page to be added
Sold Out Merch. to be taken down
Some music to be added

To be done this week, new PO BOX....will update site with new PO info. But we are still staying in Chicago, FYI.

Current mood: tired

Monday, March 28, 2005

2:03PM - Order Update..

First off, I just wanted to let folks know that a dear friend of ours, Sketch (Ken Hunt) passed away last monday and we've been planning hir memorials and writing obituaries...this accounts for some of our lateness with orders. To learn more about hir, please check out the center panel on http://chicago.indymedia.org

As for before Sketch's passing, we were core organizers for the Anarchist Feeder to the downtown M19 Anti-War demo and therefore too swamped to do Unbound. We plan to get back on focus starting this evening.

That said, all orders will be sent sometime this week.

Order being sent today:
Ismahan Sadiq's order from Apple Valley, MN

...more updates coming soon, including tons of new merch and the adult section that has been long and coming. Also, we may be switching from Paypal to a different online ordering company that accepts folks buying adult material and isn't as horrible as Paypal. much love, unbound

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

1:19PM - Sent out last week...1st class mail

Ronald Miyanishi's order from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jen Light's order from Quincy, MA

Friday, February 4, 2005

2:30PM - Orders!!!

Sent yesterday:

Tyler Mays' order from Richmond, VA

Sent today:
Deborah Mancuso's order from San Jose, CA - media mail (4-7 days)
Paul French's order from Greensboro, NC - media mail (4-7 days)
Sheila O'Hare's order from Scotts Valley, CA - priority (2-3 Days)

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

3:12PM - Sent Yesterday!!!

Priority Mail 2-3 day wait:

Vanessa Franco's order from Brighton, MA
Vanessa Sutkowki's order from Laurence Harbor, NJ

More will be posted later today!

PS It is always a good idea to write us if you think that your package is late or possibly late. Usually it is either a problem with Paypal not letting us know when we have orders or we're waiting on merch. to be sent to us to fill your order.

Friday, January 21, 2005


Main page will be updated tonight and many more new items will be added.

BUT, no more ordering things that are out - anything we're out of is clearly marked on the site now and anything we've gotten back in stock such as: Stencil Zines - is back up.

New on the site: Arsenal Magazine #6, Perpetually Bad Timing #2

TONIGHT: Many new people's history posters, more queer hip-hop, vegan cookbook from Canada, PAL 7 in, new poetry book




Sent out today!!! :

John Speer's order from Stafford, TX - sent first class
Katherine Higgins' order from Boone,NC - sent media mail {1-2 week delivery)
Jennifer Noe's order from Gill, MA - priority 2-3 mail
Kate Cooper's order from Syracuse, NY - priority 2-3 mail
Andrew Schappell's order from Fort Lauderdale, FL - priority 2-3 mail

Woohoo! Enjoy!

sorry for the couple that were late since waiting for re-stock of Slingshot Organizers. they are back in now, so all is well. except we will not be restocking the large version because Slingshot isn't making any more. sorry.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

9:40AM - Music Section Updates: New Music, MP3 links added!!!

Check out our music section!!! http://unboundbooks.org/music.html

New Music has been added:

*Deep Dickollective and Katastrophe (queer homo-hop from the Bay Area)
*Chumbawamba/Noam Chomsky 2 Disc set
*Shelly Miller (queer vegan chicago folk singer)
*Scott Free's New Album - "They Call Me Mr. Free" (queer folk, hip-hop, punk - Chicago local)

Also, I've added links to the personal websites of each artist (if they have a site) and have added links to pages where you can listen to free MP3s of their work (if there are MP3s for them online).



Wednesday, January 5, 2005

4:58PM - Orders Sent


Naomi Shenker's order from Houston, TX - sent priority (2-3 days)
Julie Poole's order from Powder Springs, GA - sent media mail (5-8 days)
Vee Longton's order from UK - (Sent Air Mail - 1 week)
Benjamin Riskin's order from Washinton, D.C. - sent Media Mail (5-8 days)
Robert Gordon's order from Daly City, CA - sent Media Mail (5-8 days)
Cesar Mendez's order from Venice, CA - sent Priority Mail (2-3 days)
Janet Cochran's order from Lakewood, OH - sent First Class mail (about 4 days)

There haven't been any orders by mail in two months so if someone sent an order or money for an order please let me know because we're concerned that we might not be receiving all of our mail.
email me at AnarchoPink@yahoo.com - Liberte unLocked

Thursday, December 16, 2004

4:23PM - Woo-hoo orders!!!


Priority Mail (2-3):
Jennie Law, Decatur, GA
Simon Mall, Fort Myers, FL
Gerald Mackenzie, Kenmore, WA
Jenevive Nykolak, Middletown, CT
Frank Singley, Daytona Beach, FL
Emily Freeman, Ann Arbor, MI
Sheila O'Hare, Scotts Valley, CA

First Class Mail:
Janet Copeland, Stevensville, MT
Lavinia Schoene, Capon Bridge, WV

Awaiting for certain backstock in order to send:
Benjamin Riskin
Naomi Shenker
Cesar Mendez


Julie Poole, Powder Springs, GA
Vee Longton, UK

Awaiting correct address info.:
Every Woman's Self Defense, paypal ordered with no address


Please comment to this right away if you have an order that you haven't received and your name is not on this list. I understand the holidays are coming up and folks are looking for presents for friends and self...so let us know if there are any problems. Also, the Unbound email addresses are AnarchoPink@yahoo.com and jennie@unboundbooks.org

Saturday, December 4, 2004

2:10PM - Orders Sent

Sent Dec. 2nd - John De La Parra's order from NJ
Thea Lamb's order from IN
Caroline Lalonde's order from VA
Sent Mid. Nov. 04 - Elijah Hobbs' from Washington, D.C.

-------- thank you for your patience-----------

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

9:23AM - New Reviews Finally Added to the Site:

Reviews for Safety Pin Girl #18, #20,
for all issues of Straint Zine,
for Three Essays on Anarchism Pamphlet,
and a review for the Spanish Civil War pamphlet

All up on the site finally...more reviews are on their way. Once those are done there will be a print catalog.

Currently working on the adult section of the site, I'll let you know once it's up.

hugs and revolution,
an unbound books collective member


Go to http://www.UnboundBooks.org homepage to order your new slingshot organizers!!!

9:08AM - Small Update, Big Ideas...

So as depression sets in because we are all in for another 4 (OR MORE) years of Bush as president [and because we know Kerry would be exactly the same] and as many of us are searching for the nearest cave to wait this all out in Unbound Books has decided to get back on the ball. We must all keep moving forward, in fact we should be running forward, while drumming and screaming. There is much work to be done in this country and in regards to the anarchist and anti-war movements here. While Fallujah is being stormed this very moment and it's getting harder to find comrades that aren't depressed into drunken-ness - this site will be going through a major overhaul if for no other reason than believing that it's time to step things up. It's time to start, work on, and complete projects that make this life worth living. Time to focus on our dreams and why we spend so many nights in the streets, why many of us don't sleep anymore, and what world we are really striving for.

-this miniature update was brought to you autonomously by
Liberte unLocked, an unbound books collective member

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